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Office Visits During Pregnancy

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You will have prenatal appointments scheduled at regular intervals in order that we may carefully follow the progress of your pregnancy. Your first visit will be scheduled with the Perinatal Nurse Educator (PNE). At this visit, we will obtain information regarding your personal medical and family history, complete prenatal lab tests, and provide you with information about pregnancy related care. You may be scheduled back for an ultrasound for confirmation of pregnancy and dating after the visit with the PNE. Then, at around 12 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, you will be scheduled to see your physician for your complete physical examination and to discuss your pregnancy plan of care.

Unless you have a complication, your prenatal appointments will be scheduled every four weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy, every two weeks from 28 weeks until approximately 36 weeks of pregnancy, and weekly from 36 weeks until delivery. At each visit, we will assess your blood pressure, weight, urine, size and condition of the baby, and address any concerns or problems that you may have. When you arrive for a visit, please advise the clinical staff of any particular concerns or problems that you have so that they can prepare for the proper type of examination.

All patients have a detailed obstetrical ultrasound referred to as an “anatomy scan” around 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. At or near your 28 week visit, we will complete additional laboratory work to monitor your blood count and screen for gestational diabetes. Between 35 and 37 weeks, your medical provider will discuss plans/preparation for labor and delivery and complete screening for Group B Strep.

Our office is open Monday through Friday. Patients will be seen by appointment only. If you should have a problem that needs immediate attention, please call the office first. Perhaps your problem can be handled by phone; frequently our clinical staff can answer your questions and save undue worry and time. If not, our office staff can schedule an appointment for you to be seen by one of our medical providers. Appointments for office visits will be made in advance. If, for any reason, you cannot keep your appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible so that you may be rescheduled. Please be aware of our office policy regarding cancellations and failure to keep appointments.

We will make every attempt to make your routine visits quick and easy. However, please be aware that we may be unavoidably delayed to due to emergencies or circumstances regarding another patient’s care.  We appreciate your patience when delays occur.  Please remember that someday you may be the patient with an urgent need and we will want to be there for you.

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