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  • Christina R. Peyton, MD

Why do I have to meet all the doctors during my pregnancy? Why can’t I just see MY doctor?

It’s really more for you, the patient, than it is for us. We want you to feel comfortable with all the physicians in our practice so that no one is a stranger. When it is time for delivery, the physician on call will deliver your baby. This may not always be your primary doctor. We don’t want the first time you meet us to be in the hospital during your delivery. We want you to see a familiar face when you come to the Women’s Center. Labor and delivery is a joyous occasion, but it can also be very stressful. Having a physician you are familiar with deliver your baby can help lessen that stress.

Yes, you will have a primary physician who you will see the majority of the time during your pregnancy (from 12-20 weeks and then from 36 weeks until delivery) but we all work collectively as a group to provide the best possible care for our obstetric patients. During the middle of your pregnancy (from 20-36 weeks), you will be scheduled for appointments with each of our physicians in “rotation”. Each physician brings their own personal experiences and knowledge to the table in caring for you and we trust each other implicitly.

Working together as a group also allows us to provide our patients with continuous coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is simply not possible for one physician to be available every second of every day.

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After your pregnancy and delivery, you may return to the physician of your choice for your postpartum visit or for any problems that you may have. You can also change your primary physician at any time. We are a group practice whose primary goal is a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery for all of our obstetric patients. We feel that we best meet that goal by working together as a group of physicians and not individually.

To learn more about all of our physicians visit our Physicians Page.

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