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Your Anatomy Ultrasound

You will be scheduled for your Anatomy/2nd Trimester Ultrasound between 18-20 weeks. The primary purpose of this ultrasound is to ensure that your baby’s anatomy or body structures are all normal. This ultrasound is not usually done earlier than 18 weeks because not all of your baby’s anatomy can be visualized until that time.


Some of the structures that are evaluated are: the brain, heart, facial bones and palate, arms and legs, spine, stomach, kidneys, bladder, placenta location, umbilical cord, and cervical length. During this ultrasound, you will also be able to find out your baby’s gender if you choose. Please be sure to tell your ultrasonographer if you do not want to know your baby’s gender.

Utilizing Tricefy Technology to Share Images with Patients

Would you like your OB ultrasound images delivered as a text or e-mail?
Nash Ob-Gyn is an authorized licensee of Trice Imaging, Inc.’s Solution and Services. The Tricefy application is a service that sends your ultrasound images directly to your cell phone or email. 

Your OB ultrasound pictures are sent to your device with a secure link, giving you instant access to your study. You can then forward this link to friends and family, post images to social media, and download them to save forever. Learn what other patients and physicians already experiencing Tricefy have to say in this video!

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