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Telemedicine / Telehealth Virtual Visits

Our office is now offering virtual telemedicine visits for some appointment types.


​Telemedicine/Telehealth is the practice of using telecommunication technology to evaluate, diagnose, and care for patients at a distance. There do exist some limitations to telemedicine. For obvious reasons, the provider cannot do an exam via telemedicine. Neither can we obtain vital signs. There is also the risk of data loss due to technical failure. The telemedicine visit will be billed to your insurance but it may not be a covered benefit. If at any time during the telemedicine visit the provider feels that the visit would best be done in the office, then they will inform you of that during the video call. You will then be contacted to schedule a visit in the office.


Visits that can be by telemedicine include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth control consults/follow-ups

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Depression follow ups

  • Infertility consults

  • Preconceptual counseling

  • Annual GYN exams (for patients less than 21 years of age)

  • And some other simple problems that do not require an exam


Our telemedicine visits are conducted using a secured online video system through our electronic medical record called, athenaTelehealth.


Before your visit, you will receive an appointment reminder message via email and/or text message. This reminder will include the details of your visit as well as a link to access your telehealth session. The link is only good on the day of your appointment. You will not need to log into your patient portal to access this link.


Office staff may contact you by phone shortly before your appointment time in order to verify your availability and collect any necessary copay. Once you have been checked in, you will then be advised to log in through your secured link. If you cannot locate the link, it can be re-sent to you at that time. Our clinical staff will join the call shortly after to update your medical history prior to your visit with your provider. Clinical staff will then give you further instructions regarding your visit.


Please read the following additional instructions prior to your telehealth visit.

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