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In-Office Surgery

We are pleased to offer in office surgical options for our patients who are candidates for some minimally invasive procedures.  These procedures include, but are not limited to, simple D&C (dilatation & curettage) of the uterus, uterine polypectomy (removal of uterine polyp), endometrial ablation (destruction of uterine lining), LEEP (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure) for certain abnormal Pap smear results, diagnostic hysteroscopy, and pelvic exam under anesthesia.

Having these surgeries performed in office provides our patients with options of where they can receive their care.  Insurance is verified prior to every procedure. 

For the majority of patients, their financial responsibility for the procedure is their office co-pay.  There is a separate bill sent by Mobile Anesthesiologists, the anesthesia group which provides their services on the day of surgery. 

In office surgery has been a very successful service for our patients.  On the day of surgery, each patient presents to the office with a responsible driver that will take care of them once they are discharged from our office.  Most patients only miss 1 or 2 days from work/school/daily activities, depending on the procedure performed.  The patient is scheduled for a 2 week follow-up after the procedure and is then released from all restrictions pending normal evaluation by their physician. 

If you have the need for minimally invasive surgery, please feel free to discuss this with our physicians and determine if this is an option for you.

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