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  • Nancy L. Hancock, M.D.

I’m a patient of Nash Ob-Gyn, but I’m not 18. What are you going to tell my mom or dad?

What you talk about with your doctor is private, and there are laws in North Carolina that help protect your privacy. We are not allowed to give information to anyone about pregnancy, birth control, sexual health including STD test results, substance abuse, or mental health under any circumstance without your written permission.

You can sign a release form that allows us to give your parents health information and tests results, but that decision is up to you. We will only give your health information to your parent or guardian if you have a life-threatening emergency, or your parent or guardian asks us about treatment or services being provided that are not related to those listed.

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If there are any questions about what can and cannot be discussed, please let your doctor or other office staff member know. We are happy to talk with anyone at any time about privacy.

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