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Your Medical Providers

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Our office currently has 7 physicians and 1 certified nurse midwife who collectively care for our obstetric patients. All the providers at Nash OB-Gyn are fully trained and qualified in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. During your pregnancy, you will be cared for by all the physicians in our practice as well as by our certified nurse midwife. We feel that there are advantages to this type of obstetrical care. This group approach allows us to provide our patients with continuous coverage, as it is impossible for one provider to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients also benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of all medical providers in the practice.

You will be assigned to a primary physician whom you will see in early pregnancy and from approximately 37 weeks until delivery. The 36-week visit is often scheduled with our certified nurse midwife. After this visit, you will return to see your primary physician every week until your delivery. All patients must have a physician assigned as their primary provider. The certified nurse midwife does not have any assigned primary patients as she assists all physicians with the care of all obstetric patients. After your anatomy ultrasound with your primary physician, you will be scheduled for appointments with each of our providers. Our goal is for your meet all the providers at the practice that deliver babies.

When it is time for delivery, the physician or certified nurse midwife on call will deliver your baby. We realize that each patient would rather have her own physician at delivery; however, we feel our patients are best served by having a provider who is not overly fatigued at that time. Following your pregnancy, your postpartum visit is usually scheduled with your assigned primary physician, however you may return to the provider of your choice for that visit or for any problems that you may have after your delivery.  

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