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OB Ultrasounds

Updated 5/24/2023

Ultrasounds may be performed at various times during the pregnancy and for various reasons such as

  • determining the age of the fetus or the number of fetuses

  • monitoring the fetus’s growth or well-being

  • visualizing the fetus’s anatomy

  • determining fetal position or size

  • investigating abnormal results from other antepartum tests

  • locating the placenta.


Your ultrasound will be performed in our office by a qualified sonographer. During the test, an instrument resembling a wand is moved slowly over the abdomen to detect the echoes of sound waves as they bounce off the baby. A computer uses the sound wave information to produce an image of the fetus in the uterus [womb]. The ultrasound can also be performed vaginally using a probe inserted in the vagina to detect the sound waves. This method is normally only used when an ultrasound is needed very early in the pregnancy [before 13 weeks of pregnancy].

Your medical provider will determine the need for ultrasounds during pregnancy. As many insurance providers cover only one routine ultrasound during pregnancy, your medical provider will order additional ultrasounds if there is a medical indication. An early ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and dating is often needed in the first trimester. The need for this ultrasound will be determined by the Perinatal Nurse Educator during your first OB visit with our office.

All patients have a routine ultrasound at 18-22 weeks of pregnancy. You will hear this referred to as the “anatomy scan." This scan evaluates your baby’s growth, visualizes all of the vital organs, and IF your baby is cooperative and you desire to know, the sex of the baby can be revealed. This ultrasound is a very special time in your life and is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. We want this to be a memorable event, but remember it is primarily a medical exam to document the health of your baby.


Here are a few tips to optimize your experience and effectiveness of the exam:

  • Do NOT use any powder or lotions on the belly prior to your ultrasound.

  • Eating before your ultrasound will cause your baby to be more active. This does not have to be candy or soda; any healthy snack will energize your baby.

  • There may be one support person (age 18 or older) in the ultrasound room with you, no children.  That person must be present when you are called back to the ultrasound room. If your support person arrives late, then they may not be allowed to come to the ultrasound room after the exam has begun. Visitor policies are subject to change. Please see our COVID-19 updates for information regarding our current visitor policies. 

  • Please arrive on time for your ultrasound appointment. If you arrive after your scheduled time, then you may have to be rescheduled. Due to the length of time needed to ensure a quality ultrasound, there is not a “15-minute window” allowed for ultrasound appointments.

  • Your OB ultrasound pictures are sent to your mobile device or email with a secure link, giving you instant access to your study. You can then forward this link to friends and family, post images to social media, and download them to save forever.


Our practice is pleased to offer 3D-4D images for our patients who are interested in this live or real-time, non-diagnostic ultrasound imaging. This Keepsake Ultrasound is an elective obstetrical ultrasound that is not covered by insurance. Please speak with a patient service representative during check-in or check-out if you are interested in scheduling a Keepsake Ultrasound.

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